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DATE: 9 - 10th of August
PLACE: Uruguay
EVENT: 11th ANGLO Congress. Presentation de Dr. Joan Kang Shin “Are you 21st Century Teacher?”

  • In the 11th Anglo Congress “teachers, teacher trainers, school managers and consultants got together and had the opportunity to hear 23 both national and international excellent presenters who have taught different levels, age groups, different kinds of courses and in different parts of the world.
  • Doctor Joan K. Shin was one of the presenters invited to give a conference about: 21st Century Teachers. It was a great opportunity for teacher’s professional development.
  • Dr. Shin challenged teachers to become 21st Century teachers. Shin believes that “the most commonly used approach to teaching young learners in the 20th century led to the separation between local and global.”
  • Dr. Shin “encouraged the audience to bring both the local and the global into the classroom through song.”
  • She made participants reflect on their own 21st Century Skills as educators.


DATE: 9th of August
PLACE: Uruguay
EVENT: ALIANZA presentation de Joan K.Shin:  "Keep Listening Active for Young Learners & teenagers”.

  • A Workshop for Alianza was made.
  • ALIANZA got familiarized with our National Geographic learning Series: Our World.


DATE: 27TH of August
PLACE: Universidad SISE – Lima, Perú.
EVENT: "Are You a 21st Century Teacher?"

  • Together with our distributor in Peru SBS, the presentation was held in the SISE University in Lima, aimed at teachers of primary level. Dr. Joan Kang Shin with her conference challenged teachers to become teachers of the 21st century.

DATE: 28TH of August
PLACE:  Universidad Católica Lima - Perú
EVENT: Are you a 21st Century Teacher?

Joan K. Shin: "Are you a 21st Century Teacher?" presentation in the Language Center of Universidad Católica.

Eighty teachers from the English Learning Center attended the conference. These teachers work with different levels of English classes and ages. Their work is based on communication.

DATE: 28th – 31st of August

PLACE:  Trujillo, Perú
EVENT: Binational Center Convention – Joan Kang Shin Presentation: Are you a 21st Century Teacher?

  • This year as part of the celebration of its 65 year, “El cultural” hosted the XX National Convention of BN´Cs. Doctor Joan Shin gave her conference: “Are you a 21st Century Teacher”.
  •  This year as part of the celebration of its 65 years, the institute hosted the XX National Convention of BNC's in Trujillo, Peru on 27, 28 and 29 August. This convention aims to "exchange ideas, experiences and improve practice issues relevant to Boards of Directors, General Managers, Academic, Administrative, Cultural, Libraries and Educational Advising Offices."




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