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DATE: 9 – 10th of August
PLACE: Uruguay
EVENT: 11th ANGLO Congress. Presentation de Dr. Joan Kang Shin “Are you 21st Century Teacher?”


DATE: 9th of August
PLACE: Uruguay
EVENT: ALIANZA presentation de Joan K.Shin:  “Keep Listening Active for Young Learners & teenagers”.


DATE: 27TH of August
PLACE: Universidad SISE – Lima, Perú.
EVENT: “Are You a 21st Century Teacher?”

DATE: 28TH of August
PLACE:  Universidad Católica Lima – Perú
EVENT: Are you a 21st Century Teacher?

Joan K. Shin: “Are you a 21st Century Teacher?” presentation in the Language Center of Universidad Católica.

Eighty teachers from the English Learning Center attended the conference. These teachers work with different levels of English classes and ages. Their work is based on communication.

DATE: 28th – 31st of August

PLACE:  Trujillo, Perú
EVENT: Binational Center Convention – Joan Kang Shin Presentation: Are you a 21st Century Teacher?