Schools in Which All Kinds of Minds Can Grow

As we discover more about how students learn and how different minds learn differently, our schools have a golden opportunity to increase the percentage of their students who experience true academic success.

Armed with these new insights into brain function, educators can help all children and adolescents develop their unique strengths while overcoming the negative effects of their weaknesses. In doing so, they will have created schools for all kinds of minds. Let us consider some prominent features of such optimal educational environments:

The features delineated above are attainable. Some schools are already moving swiftly in these directions. Implementation requires strong support from parents, building principals, and school boards. In some communities a public school might seek the needed waivers from certain existing regulations in order to establish a demonstration model of a school for all kinds of minds. In some instances, a charter school might be based on this model.

We are talking about a strongly humanitarian movement in education. We would be acknowledging that our society desperately needs diverse kinds of minds among its adult population. We want no child to feel hopeless because of the way his brain is wired. We are hoping that every single student can see abundantly rewarding possibilities for her kind of mind while becoming an educated person.

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