What Will Learning Look Like In 2024?

About a month ago I saw a question from the eLearning Guild asking for people’s input on what learning will look like in 2024. Since that day I’ve been thinking about it and meaning to write down my thoughts.

There has since been a discussion on the topic, and several others who wrote down their thoughts.

Here are my thoughts on what learning will look like in 2024. I also hope to see some comments on where you think learning will look like.


In reality not much will change in 10 years. There will still be a few organizations on the cutting edge of learning who will work with how people learn instead of forcing it. That number of organizations who “get it” may grow a small amount, but still be the minority.

Most organizations will still try to control how, when, and where learning happens. The fight will still remain against how learning occurs. Learning & Development departments will be stuck in formal learning, tracking the wrong data through an outdated LMS.


Learning & Development will be working with how people learn. This is contrary to what happens today, but this shift will catch on. It will occur but I say ideally because in a perfect world it would occur within the next 10 years.

Few organization learning departments will be controlling learning to track participation through an LMS.

Working with how people learn in reality is the only logical step in how learning will look in 2024 to me. There are many moving parts to working with how people learn though. A great shift will occur to performance support and social learning. Also, courses will be limited, more viable solutions will be developed for the majority of learning.

The foundation of how learning will look in 2024 exists in whole today, it just hasn’t been adopted. Leaders who have the best chance of making these changes first need to have visibility to the possibilities.

As those in charge are introduced to how people learn, they’ll be forced to put in place solutions to solve the problem. With this happening, the ideal will soon become the reality.


There are still so many questions surrounding mobile, and so many misconceptions. In 10 years time mobile will be the primary access point for users to learn what they need for their job. They’ll do it at the point of need by searching for what they need and receiving accurate results. Once the needed topic is found by search or by location, it’ll be as simple as glancing at their device to do their job.

Organization learning departments will learn that it’s not the ideal tool to apply old learning methods to. The determination will be that performance support is the ideal application for mobile.

Of course this is an idealized story of how mobile will work in 10 years, but it is the direction organizations should and will need to go in. This is how I see mobile in 2024 in an ideal world.

See You In The Future

The foundation exists to what learning will look like in 2024. Some organizations are even there or have a plan in place to get there already.

As the message spreads, doing the same old thing will no longer suffice. Organizations will figure out what they’re doing isn’t working and be forced to change. This will all happen as the workforce changes and employees demand a better way to be better at their job. Future employees will demand their time is not wasted on required courses only to be forgotten, or were not necessary in the first place.

What do you think learning will look like in the year 2024? I know I am excited to see where things go, and I’m excited to be on the forefront of whatever does happen.

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